Pump Solutions

Integral provides our clients with a complete pump design, maintenance and spares supply service. We offer a wide range of products for all applications – from small domestic circulators to large commercial pumps.

As an independent provider, we are able to equip our clients with high quality, efficient products that respond to their individual needs. From fire pumps, to air conditioning pumps, to heating system pumps, to water pumps, we appreciate that intelligent systems are vital in meeting our clients’ comfort and performance requirements.

Our skilled engineers work closely with our clients through every stage of the project, providing guidance and support to realise energy efficient, cost effective solutions.

This one team approach saves our clients time and money every day of the year, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and leaving a far lighter carbon footprint on the Earth.


We know failure is not an option.

Our engineers appreciate that the performance and reliability of pump equipment is essential. Whether our client is a small boutique hotel or a vast industrial plant, we have the expertise to design highly efficient systems that meet all heating, air conditioning, water supply, sewage and fire prevention needs.

It takes the right choice of pump to ensure these systems work, so our design team are committed to finding and using the best products on the market. We model our pump system designs using state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design software, which allows us to demonstrate their efficiency to our clients and highlight the resulting energy and monetary savings.

Always at the forefront of leading-edge technology, we are also able to create bespoke management systems that monitor each individual pump. This allows our client to identify issues quickly, and call on our skilled service engineers to resolve the problem.

This intelligent approach to design ensures we deliver cost effective, energy efficient pumps and systems to our clients.


We set industry standards.

Integral go above and beyond to provide our clients with an exceptional service. We appreciate that it is vital to get pumps installed and operating quickly and effectively, not only for convenience but also so that our clients can reap the benefits of a more efficient system from the outset.

Our team of engineers are fully trained to work with all makes and models of pump. We adhere to a rigorous checklist to ensure each is set up correctly and in accordance with the system demand to maintain optimum functionality and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

We then carry out a full start-up report that documents the operation data for our client, showing that the installation has been successful and detailing the overall performance of the pump for future reference.

Highly skilled, professional and meticulous, our installation team deliver quality service every time.


We give you more.

Our experienced service engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We operate a national support network that ensures we respond quickly and proactively to our clients’ needs.

Every member of our service team is qualified to work on all leading manufacturers’ products, has received full training on confined space working, and holds a CSCS card.

While undertaking any work, our engineers compile a method statement and detailed risk assessment. The enables us to follow up and add value to our maintenance work with comprehensive reports that offer our clients informed system and service recommendations.

Taking out a service contract with Integral guarantees that your pumps are kept to a superior standard. Whether providing reactive assistance or carrying out planned maintenance work, our engineers can improve the reliability of your pumps, reduce unscheduled downtime, and minimise your running costs.

Energy solutions

We will save you money.

Most pumps waste energy 95% of the time. By identifying where this loss occurs and providing solutions to rectify the problem, Integral achieves significant energy and monetary savings for our clients.

Our dedicated energy team specialises in finding energy and carbon saving opportunities. We then work closely with our client to develop solutions that are tailor made to suit their individual needs. These can range from finding ways to reduce the life cycle costs of existing systems, to replacing outdated components with the latest models of pump.

Whatever your business, Integral can reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.

For any sales enquiry: pumps@integral.co.uk


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