One team approach

Our one team approach is the means by which we fulfil our promise of delivering engineering excellence. This brings together the combined skills and expertise of our people and through our process of continuous improvement, driven by leading-edge technology, ensures we provide our clients with cost-effective, sustainable solutions every time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to self-deliver engineering excellence consistently across our service lines and key market sectors.

We are Integral UK Ltd.

One Team Approach Diagram


A one team approach is having a network of subject matter experts understanding the individual needs of a customer and collaborating on an integrated solution ideal for all.


A one team approach is having visionaries and pragmatists turning challenging objectives into realistic action plans.


A one team approach is having change managers and relationship builders to ensure compliance and win hearts and minds.


A one team approach is having cross industry Account Managers sharing best practice and bringing innovation to their customers.


A one team approach is having the people, process & technology to consistently deliver engineering excellence.


Our Promise is delivering engineering excellence. This is how we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Every one of our 3600 people, across every facet of our business, has a shared sense of accountability to deliver on this promise.


We establish pragmatic best-practice governance and controls. Alongside this we adopt a process of continuous improvement – part of what we call re-visiting our promise. Everyone across this business is encouraged to identify opportunities and integrate improvements into their day-to-day workings that will drive efficiency for the client. Our processes are there to support an environment which nurtures innovation and fosters a sense of ownership and pride among individuals – this is fundamental to our ability to deliver engineering excellence.


Our asset management, lifecycle and maintenance management platform has the ability to easily plan, track, manage and report on our operations. This total visibility and control ensures our clients assets are fully utilised in the most cost effective and efficient manner.